Intracranial Gliomas: Part III - Innovative Treatment Modalities


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Intracranial Gliomas: Part III - Innovative Treatment Modalities

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A review of novel therapeutic modalities

At present, with current treatment strategies, most intracranial gliomas are considered incurable, and the search for new modalities that may effectively control tumour growth continues.

The chapters in this volume describe the basic principles and the therapeutic possibilities of several innovative techniques, including:

  • photodynamic therapy
  • laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy
  • stereotactic cryodestruction
  • high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation
  • boron neutron capture therapy
  • proton and carbon ion irradiation
  • targeted therapy
  • immunotherapy
  • gene therapy
  • local chemotherapy, and
  • alternating electric fields therapy

Potential applications of extracellular vesicles and nanotechnology for management of gliomas are also highlighted. Many of these methods have already demonstrated anti-tumour efficacy in clinical testing, whereas others are still under development.

Readership: The materials presented in this book are mainly directed at clinicians treating patients with brain tumours, as well as clinical and basic researchers working in the field of neuro-oncology.

Editors: Mikhail F Chernov, Yoshihiro Muragaki, Santosh Kesari, and Ian E McCutcheon

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