French's Index of Differential Diagnosis: An A-Z

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French's Index of Differential Diagnosis: An A-Z

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First published in 1912, French's Index of Differential Diagnosis helps clinicians in the differential diagnosis of any condition that may be seen in hospital or in general practice. Arranged alphabetically by symptom, the text helps readers identify each presentation, describes the different diagnoses that it could represent, and explains the tests used to make a diagnosis. More than 700 colour clinical photographs help with diagnoses at a glance.

The book has been completely revised for the 16th edition –-many sections are largely rewritten, new ones added, diagnostic methods updated, many old illustrations replaced, and others inserted. The emphasis, however, remains the same: the importance of a careful history, detailed clinical examination and the judicious use of laboratory and imaging investigations in the elucidation of the correct diagnosis.

This reference is indispensable to medical students as well as to trainee and established doctors in both general and hospital practice.

"The shear depth and breadth of material covered here, makes it ideal for both GPs and their registrars…It is an excellent collection of very readable medical information presented in a readable format. It is also surprisingly comprehensive and is well put together. Although it has an impressive pedigree from yesteryear, it is certainly up to the challenge of helping the modern physician. Equally it also represents good value for money and would be a very useful addition to a medical bookshelf." - Dr Harry Brown, Glycosmedia

Editors: Mark T Kinirons and Harold Ellis

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