Medical Education: A History in 100 Images

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Medical Education: A History in 100 Images

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This fascinating guide to medical education introduces the reader to the historical development of this important subject through 100 powerful images from the prestigious Wellcome Library Collection that highlight key figures in the field and innovations that have taken place, not just in the recent past but over the centuries.

The highly readable text accompanying each image both describes that image and shows how the ideas arising from it have helped to shape modern medical education, with relevance to current clinical practice.

This will be an invaluable and visual introduction for students, academics, managers and practitioners looking to gain a better understanding of the evolution of educational practice in medicine, and how it might progress in the future.

The author, Dr Kieran Walsh, is Clinical Director of BMJ Learning and Quality. He is responsible for the editorial direction of BMJ Online Learning, BMJ Masterclasses, BMJ onExamination and BMJ Quality. He has written three books and more than 200 articles, mainly in the field of medical education.

Author: Kieran Walsh

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