Effective Leadership: A Cure for the NHS?

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Effective Leadership: A Cure for the NHS?

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Whilst the investigations and reports that have followed recent healthcare scandals in the UK have highlighted the very important issue of addressing organizational culture and the need for more effective leadership at every level, patients and their families have struggled to comprehend how such things can occur in a health service that is supposed to be the envy of the world.

This book has been written to address both the 'why' and the 'how' in the pursuit of excellence and accountability in healthcare leadership at all levels - and in order to prescribe the most effective treatment for the problems that exist in the leadership of hospitals in the UK and beyond. Based on the principles that underpin 'good medicine' in the broadest sense, the text includes detailed assessment, diagnosis, review of the evidence and the application of the experiences shared by a group of senior successful healthcare leaders.

Following the Introduction, seven highly focussed chapters cover:

  • Theories on the Common Features of Good and Bad Leadership
  • Exploring the Relationship of Effective Leadership to Organizational Culture
  • Understanding the Difference Between Blame and Accountability, and Applying Learning Organization Principles
  • The Problem with Nursing and Medicine
  • Soundings from a Sample of Top Leaders in Health
  • Confirming the Diagnosis: What Problems Need to be Addressed?
  • What Needs to be Done about Effective Leadership to Help Cure the NHS?

This wide-ranging survey is rounded off with a Conclusion and four appendices covering: Excellence in Healthcare Team Leadership; Selection for Leadership Roles in Healthcare Organizations; Monitoring of Leadership Teams: Systematic Assessment of Culture Regarding the Organization, Safety and Quality; and Summary of Recommendations.

"...can be amply applied to all environments where well-meaning and hard-working nurses and doctors face off with the dilemmas and brutal challenges of caring for the sick...immediate and tremendously useful.' - Peter Finkelstein, Organizational and Leadership Consultant

Author: Denise Chaffer

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