Understanding Neurology: A Problem-Oriented Approach

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Understanding Neurology: A Problem-Oriented Approach

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This is the second in a new series that aims to help medical students to think like doctors. By combining a symptom- and problem-based approach with systematic coverage, the books appeal to instructors and students on traditional and integrated courses.

Featuring 183 colour illustrations, Understanding Neurology: A Problem-Oriented Approach tackles the evaluation of common symptoms presenting to medical students. It begins with guidance in history-taking and examination, leading the student on to neurological examination. The following sections outline all the common presenting symptoms - such as blackouts, forgetfulness, dizziness and vertigo, speech and language problems, numbness and tingling, loss of vision and double vision, headaches, neck and back pain, and poor coordination - and relate them to the spectrum of neurological conditions and diseases. Some case histories are used to illustrate problems, and the book ends with a section of MCQs.

Authors: John Greene and Ian Bone

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