Hyperthermia in Oncology

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Hyperthermia in Oncology

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The application of heat to a patient's body for the purpose of cancer treatment – hyperthermia in oncology - has in recent years seen rapid development in use, with a large amount of clinical data becoming available.

Through systematic documentation of this evidence, Hyperthermia in Oncology synthesizes the current research on the topic and provides treatment protocols for using localized as well as whole-body hyperthermia.

It is written by Clifford L K Pang MD PhD, president of Clifford Hospital in Guangzhou, China. This is a state-of-the-art facility, with Joint Commission International accreditation, which treats cancer patients.

Dr Pang has devoted almost a decade to the theory and clinical practice of hyperthermia for cancer treatments.

His book examines the unique effects of this treatment using a large quantity of evidence-based data from both medical research and clinical practice, including the outcomes of cancer patients clinically treated at Clifford Hospital, and describes standard procedures for cancer diagnosis, treatment and management, along with guidance for evaluating clinical therapeutic effects.

A diverse set of clinical cases is discussed, with 40 colour illustrations for greater clarity. For each case, a scientific, rational and practical patient treatment plan is presented. The amount and type of heat administered to patients are analysed when hyperthermia is used in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or other therapeutic strategies.

Although hyperthermia is not an independent treatment method for cancer, it can play a significant synergistic and complementary role. As such, this book can serve as a valuable clinical guide for the effective use of hyperthermia in integrative cancer therapy.

Author: Clifford L K Pang. Translated by Dr Kaiman Lee.

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