Oxford Handbook of Key Clinical Evidence, free version

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Oxford Handbook of Key Clinical Evidence, free version

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  • Covers most medical and surgical specialties, including a new section on paediatrics
  • Introductory chapters on the development of evidence-based medicine give uninitiated readers the tools required to analyse and understand medical studies
  • Distills medical trials into a succinct, easy-to-read and easy-to-assimilate format, providing an ideal tool for practical use
  • Written by a team of experienced practitioners working in each specialty presented in the book

New to this edition:

  • New chapter on paediatrics covers landmark trials that consider practical issues, ethical factors and societal context specific to this specialty
  • Extensively updated chapters containing substantial new evidence and revised evaluation of clinical trials
  • Inclusion of recent trials reflecting developments in the field of evidence-based medicine since the first edition
  • Simplified and revised introductory chapters designed to ensure a more succinct and usable experience for the reader

This second edition of the Oxford Handbook of Key Clinical Evidence provides an alternative to the growing volumes of trial data for students, trainees and researchers looking for the key evidence affecting medical practice.

Written by a team of leading figures across the major specialties, the Oxford Handbook of Key Clinical Evidence carefully selects and brings together key information on some of the most important trials currently impacting clinical practice. With introductory chapters on the history and importance of evidence-based medicine, complemented by in-depth analysis of the impact of each trial and its practical implications, this text is a definitive quick-reference guide to this increasingly important field. Highlighted boxes identify the study type and evidence-level attained, while analysis of the key message and impacts of the trial firmly place the evidence into a practical setting for the reader.

This extensively revised Handbook presents the key data, facts, and evidence informing both medical and surgical specialties. This second edition includes a brand new chapter on paediatrics. It incorporates new landmark trials that are changing clinical practice, and re-reviews previously included trials to ensure consistency with current practice. It is essential reading for everyone with an interest in getting to grasp with the fundamental evidence underpinning modern practice.

Editors: Kunal Kulkarni, James Harrison, Mohamed Baguneid, and Bernard Prendergast

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