Diabetes Care: A Practical Manual free version

Oxford University Press

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Diabetes Care: A Practical Manual free version

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  • Common-sense guide to the diagnosis, care, and management of diabetes, covering both primary and secondary care
  • Provides rapid access to information about the full range of diabetes problems, including emergencies
  • Features tailored information on the treatment of diabetes in men, women, the elderly, and those from different ethnic groups

New to this edition:

  • Updated with the most recent studies into diabetes allowing evidence-based care
  • Reviews the latest treatment options, including oral hypoglycaemic drugs and their uses, and new insulins
  • Includes new diagnostic criteria for diabetes
  • Covers the up-to-date management of diabetic emergencies, including modern management of common and less familiar complications
  • Features an expanded section on the use of data and audit to review and improve care

Author: Dr. Rowan Hillson MBE

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