Difficult Airway Management, Free Version

Oxford University Press

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Difficult Airway Management, Free Version

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The management of a patient with a difficult airway has undergone significant changes in recent years, with the introduction of new guidelines and equipment. Difficult Airway Management reflects these changes, with chapters covering basic topics such as recognition of a difficult airway and general principles of management, and then moving on to more complicated topics, e.g. the 'anticipated' and 'unanticipated' difficult airway scenarios. New equipment is outlined and reviewed, and another chapter focuses on extubation and its importance. The book also includes a chapter on management in common clinical settings, while a separate chapter covers paediatric airway management.

This pocketbook summarizes the most up-to-date literature in a style that has direct clinical application to busy healthcare professionals. Designed to give readers a greater insight into the management of difficult airway as a clinical entity, it is the ideal easy-reference guide.

Editor: Mansukh Popat

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