Back Pain, Free Version

Oxford University Press

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Back Pain, Free Version

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Oxford Pain Management Library

  • This pocket-book summarizes the current literature on management of back pain and provides evidence-based, practical guidelines for clinicians.
  • In addition to an up-to-date description of the problem and discussion of the pathophysiology of back pain, there is an important chapter giving guidance on how best to assess patients with back pain.
  • There are also important chapters on non-pharmacotherapeutic management of back pain as well as a chapter summarizing the drugs proven to be effective for alleviating back pain.

Back pain is one of the most common reasons why patients seek medical help, and it is a leading cause of time off work and long-term disability. Causes of back pain are complex, and many health-care professionals devote a substantial amount of time to dealing with it. The initiating event leading to back pain is often compounded by other factors, leading to maladaptive behaviour and prolongation of pain. This pocket-book is an essential tool for clinicians tasked with the management of back pain.

Editors: Andrew Souter, Roman Cregg, and Sam Chong

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