Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine

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Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine

The Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine is an up-to-date, practical and comprehensive guide to the management of the acutely ill patient.

It has been revised throughout to include the most up-to-date guidelines and treatment management plans. A new junior author ensures that the content remains relevant and accessible to all medics approaching acute medicine for the first time. This edition includes a new chapter which focuses on common presentations, and quick-reference boxes throughout highlight top priorities in the management of each condition. The section on practical procedures has also been expanded to include core competencies for the Foundation Programme.

A comprehensive guide to the most up-to-date therapies and protocols for managing a wide range of acute medical situations

Relates pathophysiology to features to aid diagnosis

Identifies priorities for treatment and provides step-by-step management advice

Contains the latest evidence-based guidelines, and reflects current recommended management of medical emergencies

An expanded section on practical procedures covers core competencies for the Foundation Programme

Includes a chapter on common presentations

With brand new figures and clinical tips from the experienced authors, the third edition of the Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine remains the must-have resource for all those dealing with acute illness.

Readership: Junior doctors, general physicians, A'amp;E staff, anaesthetists, general practitioners, nurses and senior medical students.

Authors: Punit S Ramrakha, Kevin P Moore, and Amir Sam

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