Clinical Examination Essentials


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Clinical Examination Essentials

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From the authors who brought you the bestselling Clinical Examination: A Systematic Guide to Physical Diagnosis comes Talley and O'Connor's Clinical Examination Essentials: An Introduction to Clinical Skills, Fourth Edition

This study guide provides an introduction to the essential skills you need to successfully pass your clinical exams, equipping you with the confidence to assess each patient by acquiring a detailed patient history and conducting a thorough physical examination.

The chapters are systematic and provide a thorough overview, followed by examples of how to use learned skills in practice - both in the healthcare setting and in examinations.

New to this edition:

  • A combination of clinical photographs and anatomical line drawings is a distinct improvement in this new edition. The clinical photographs represent real-life clinical signs, which students have to recognize when examining a patient.

Key features:

  • Hint Boxes present handy information to assist students and junior doctors in correctly diagnosing patients - e.g., a cough of recent origin, particularly if associated with fever and other symptoms of respiratory-tract infection, may be due to acute bronchitis or pneumonia
  • Question Boxes provide a checklist of questions that students-as-examiners should pose to patients to enable them to correctly identify the presenting symptoms required for an accurate diagnosis - e.g., 'Are you breathless at rest? On lying down?' (Orthopnoea)
  • The EOSCE hints-panel at the end of each chapter provides practice OSCE-style scenarios and answers to test all skills required for the clinical exams

Complementary access to the complete online version on Student Consult further enhances the learning experience.

Authors: Nicholas J Talley and Simon O’Connor

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