Oxford Handbook Of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation

Oxford University Press

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Oxford Handbook Of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation

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  • An indispensable guide to investigative techniques, written by an experienced team of active clinicians
  • Revised throughout to reflect current investigations and management of disease
  • Chapters on rheumatology, radiology, and renal disease have been extensively revised
  • Extensively illustrated to aid understanding of the more complex investigations and interpretation of results
  • Algorithms are used to enhance understanding by providing a logical flow of information, investigation pathways, and X-ray, CT, and nuclear imaging figures
  • Internet references are given throughout so readers can look up the latest developments

Modern medicine is highly complex, and investigations are a key part of the diagnostic process. With major advances in technology there are thousands of clinical and laboratory tests available.

This app provides a patient-oriented approach to investigation. The first chapter describes key symptoms and signs, along with tests that may be of value in reaching a diagnosis, while the remaining chapters are specialty-centered and provide a comprehensive review of all available tests within a given subject. The aim of the app is to provide a more rational method of investigation and prevent over-investigation, which is expensive for the hospital and unpleasant for the patient. It emphasizes which tests are of value and when tests are not likely to be helpful, along with pitfalls in the interpretation of results. This edition has been updated throughout to incorporate current investigations and management of disease. Chapters on rheumatology, radiology, and renal medicine have been extensively revised. With contributions from active clinicians who are engaged in medical practice, the information will be of value to senior medical students facing finals examinations, and junior doctors who are responsible for ordering tests on their patients.

Readership: Senior medical students, junior hospital doctors, general practitioners, nurses and nurse practitioners.

Audience: This Oxford Handbook is intended for a UK audience as well as other areas that follow UK medical practice including Europe, Australia, the Middle East, India and East Asia.

Author: Drew Provan

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