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Indextra is a unique medical library offering an exclusive collection of world-leading medical titles, drug guides and clinical guidelines such as the Oxford Handbooks, Maudsley and BNF/BNFC. The prefect tool for your long term medical career.

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What is Indextra?

Indextra is a medical library that packs essential medical resources into one easy to use app. Helping you optimise your time by making the knowledge you need close at hand. No more searching in dusty books or asking a fellow doctor to check your clinical decisions.

What's inside?

  • Unique Library

    Indextra puts together world's leading titles into an exclusive medical library that will support you throughout your medical career.

  • Search

    Get trusted and objective search results for your medical queries. You can search the full database in one go.

  • Notes and Highlights

    Highlight important texts and take notes as you go. Perfect for studying and later reference.

  • Calculators

    Indextra has a number of built-in medical calculators. Save time by having everything in one place.

Knowledge at hand

Make treatment decisions with confidence by always having the essential medical resources at hand.

Indextra gives you access to 750+ medical books including the Oxford Handbooks and Oxford Specialist Handbooks, Stahl’s and Maudsley as well as the NICE guidelines, BNF and BNF-C, ICD-10, TNM and much more.

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Our 'Always' promise

Always trustworthy

Up-to-date medical expertise from the world’s leading publishers. Rest assured the content is verified and objective.

Always accessible

Use it anywhere, anytime, on or Offline. Have instant access to a second opinion at all times, wherever you are.

Always comprehensive

Indextra includes all the essential medical resources you need for all clinical specialites. Great for those complicated cases, or when starting a new rotation.

Always good value for money

Save money on literature. Get a complete medical library for only $16.99/month ($12.99 for students) and leave the heavy bookbag at home.


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